How to create a new Android project with Kotlin Support using Android Studio

Download and Install Android Studio from

Open Android Studio and Click on Start a new Android Studio project

Create Project Screen

  1. Fill your Application's Name
  2. Fill domain name - this is used by Android Studio to generate a package name. This domain name is the unique identifier for your application in the Google Play Store. Conventionally, we use reverse domain names like com.something. or org.something.
  3. Check Include Kotlin support
  4. Click Next

Target Android Devices

  1. Here you need to choose the Minimum SDK level for your app.
  2. You can set what is proided as default
  3. Click Next

Add an Activity to Mobile

  1. For now, we just choose Empty Activity
  2. Click Next

Building gradel project info - it will take some time. Please be patient

At last you are set to code....

if everything goes fine you will get the below screen opened in Android Studio.

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